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Published: Thursday 6th of July 2006 06:48:43 PM


Ivar Olsen
Hi!!! My goodness how sensual.... Really love it!!! Ivar :-)

Jim Phelps
great! The lighting and pose are fantastic!

Kien Nguyen Trung
I love "monika" Thanks Janosch Simon

Umair Ghani
brilliant composition & remarkable study of light. its amazing 2 see the pattern of light falling on her curves. awesome composition & tones. regards!

Randy Bray
very very nice. I agree about the lighting and the pose. I never considered the "Rule of Thirds" in a nude study before but you have it nailed here. The darkened face just adds to the intrigue. Very well done, this should be used as an example of what a fine nude photo should look like.

gary hunt
Impressive 7/7

Byron Wade
Great pose, lighting and aesthetics...nice job.

Gelu Vasile
very good estetic and light.Nice model!

Thomas Collins
Well done!

Mr G.Q
emotional and erotic she is of great beauty but the laying and the light make this extraordinary image original the resumption emotional and erotic the vision beautifully compliments

Leonid Padrul
Great! Looking model!

Edwin Mendoza
Awesome and impresive. Great work of light and shadows.

dzsh rdydtii
wow perfect! Wonderful composition. Very nice Model and good idea, a perfect mix! gaetano ;-)

Dave Pippin
Very impressive!

Robert Hecht
Marvelous! Dear Monika, dear Janosch, you created a very expressive and sensuous picture here. Pose and lighting and the shades of grey are phantastic. The only thing we could discus is the cropping of Monikas elbows... Anyway - this photo sets me in the mood for caress. Congratulations! Kind regards Robert

Alvaro Amieiro Fonseca
beautifull eyes... Great aesthetics, light, shadows, frame and shape. Is sensual and beautiful. Congratulations.

Massi Cricco
Very Beautiful portrait!! Congratulations (7/6)!!!

Bill Strickler
excellent!! Awesome lighting. Love the whole composition.

Joseph Anthony
Beautiful portrait !

Michael Lyons
Very nice indeed----a very voluptuous photo--ML

Bodyline Photos
7/6 beautiful lighting,tone and pose. great work

Ali Bagherzadeh
Very nice light and fig
and ncie positon for her hands and hair

Jude McConkey
The lighting is exquisite... perfect to show every curve and every emotion of her pose.

Angel Pena
nice light. nice pose.

Saleem Khawar
Lovely image and model too.

Rob Nichols
Exceptional....Great pose too ! A+++

Mauro Cattelani
So....what do we have to say apart that everything is beautiful....?? 7/6

Michael Sulka
Nice, Very Nice

Felipe Espinosa
Another great picture of Monika! Excellent composition and definition I would say...

Marc Berthold
Excelent ! What more to say ?

Carlos Perez
Very nice portrait,superb definition and axcellent composition. 7/7

Patrick Shuck
I love this shot... beautiful... peaceful, great lighting... it has an aura of softness about it... well done.

Omar Havana
u are a master in what u do, this is just perfection, is the second shot that i see yours, and u have now as a fan, thanks again

Ionita Razvan
Monika :) astonish picture.

Lincoln Westermann
thumbs up Goodness, what a beautiful shot. I know where to take some advice if I ever end up taking nude shots! Wonderful everything, to be honest I wouldn't be able to keep my composure if I was there. I like how the legs are and how she is nestled into the pillow and bed, and her hair goes with her legs. Not to mention her breasts are really nice, and it seems to be a good effect to have them near the center. Nice work.

Greg Thomason
Great lighting and pose.

Richard Deng
An excellent pose, erotic, feminine, almost soothing in a way...

Adara Schwartz
The photographer's skill and talent are evident. The lighting is rich, the composition aesthetically pleasing, and the model's pose is great. However, if you want honest critique, one aspect of the photo detracts from an otherwise excellent photo: the nonnatural breasts. My eye is directed immediately towards the outline of the implants, and the result is not pleasing.

ricar saldivar
que buena muy buen manejo de la luz.

Omega NC

Jan Kellgren
Excellent work!

Gil Nunes
Stunning! Exellent shot, great lights and the model is amazing!!! Good work!!! Gil

manish nawani
Great Picture Dear Friend, Very nice picture. Good colors and good pose. How you take the pictures - with your hobby or it's your profession? The models don't feel why when they give nude poses? For me this picture is ***** (5 star) Take care. Mani

Kombizz Kashani
Very sexy skin tones!

Caleb Invidiata
beautiful contrast, so soft!! vvery beautiful image!!

Janosch Simon
"monika" kind reagrds Janosch www.jsfotografie.de

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