Folded life

by Aasen John Andre

folded life seeking critique aasen john andre

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Category: Abstract

Published: Monday 3rd of July 2006 10:31:57 AM


D. Munteanu
Why disturbing? Rare, rather. It's also interesting to see how Nikon keeps the tonal range tuned towards skin tones, even when shooting, ermm.. something else :)

Christopher Appoldt
DAMN! I wondered where I put that...

David Kernaghan
25% So which is the 25% we use! You should have called this, "Think About It"! :-) I think it is a great shot! Kills me though that you digital guys can shoot in any light. I would have to filter or change film. Great shot though. I would have only got all the finger tips in the DOF. Otherwise, I like the DOF.

Ben Tamari
Wonderful !!! We see why we need to eat fats - just to be mentally health. See the fractalization of the brain, it is almost Mandelbrot set in 3 Dimensions. The Stomach, Lungs and the Brain needs supply of materials from outside every day (food, air and impressions respectively). It will be interesting to compare their pictures. That picture is a great story. Thank you.

Alessandro Remotti
Originality! For me it's 7 in originality, but also I like the technical result. Very good! A. Remotti, Turin, Italy

Ilze Lucero
excellent shot

John Andre Aasen
Life in your hands - tips for improvements....? Any critique is valuable. Maybe this picture will be of dislike to someone, but just don't open the thumbnail then! This is after all human; ourselves, as close as we get, and totally anonymous.

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