A Little Church in Paris

by Tsoi Wilson

a little church in paris tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 4th of December 2001 12:29:38 AM


Raymond Soemarsono
Wilson, to me, this is warm and inviting due to the light quality. However, I think the cropping is less than ideal, especially on the chairs peeking from the left side of the frame. An exceptional capture of light, nonetheless.

Bryan Olney
A little bit of both... I like your photo, and in reguards to the question, I think it most strongly comes through as warm and peaceful. I guess it is also a little scary and creepy, but the bright, warm light shining through the window and lighting the seats of the chairs is pretty inviting. The window in the top right corner is a little creepy because the light is more diffused and it's more shadowy. Nice photo though.

gareth harper
This really quite good. Lovely light, I like it. Dump that negative film though.

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