"Catedral de San Juan"

by Tsoi Wilson

catedral de san juan seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 30th of June 2006 10:25:54 PM


Dariusz Calkowski
Great!!! Gerat picture. Your question- IMO looks better after 180' rotate and slightly crop to 4/5 format. Stones seems to be hanged from the sky and it's not so obvious that it's a reflection.

Colin Carron
Nice use of the combination - would not have guessed.

Boonwed Teo
Just look great on original posted. Nice color & details.

Sondra Kicklighter
Wilson, I would leave it as it certainly catches your eye. Great reflection, Sondra

William Hoag
As always your work is amazing.

George Paschos
Very nice Very beautiful photo, if only the people were somehow a bit different it could be excellent. The colors are great!

Daniel Hansen
I would have to say it is best the way you have it. And of course it is an awesome shot. I love the color and the focus is pinpoint sharp! Would have to agree with the earlier comment though about the people... the right hand person looks fine, but the tilted head of the left person isn't as nice to look at. Anyway, still another nice shot.

cyrus K
Great shot Wilson. I would say leave it as it is. For one thing, turning it upside down, will put too much weight on the top. Cheers.

Excellent Excellent photo!

Giuseppe Miriello
Hi wilson.... i guess the right thing to do is to leave the image untilted... besides the weight on top, the main idea is to remember people this is a reflection, and reflected things are inverted... so the churh, instead of projecting high in the sky, drowns and buries itself deep underground: strange constrast this last one... 2 men go to the church to enlight them selves, instead they found themselves condamned into the ground.... maybe a sign that even churches, like all manmade things, are condamned to an earth-bound exile?

Howard Dion
Lots and lots of attention to pictures of reflections. You are on to something!

Linda Keagle
I love the placement of the building ...it's in"spired"!

Angel Pena
I am a huge fan of you San Juan pictures...they are truly amazing, your eye is something special.. I have a question for you: How do you kept the freaking CARS out of your pictures ! My GOD San Juan is FULL of cars!

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Nope - I say leave it, don't flip it. The figures in the image add interest. I love the clarity of the building in the reflection. You're good! :-)

CE Carrasco
Catedral de San Juan I would not flip the picture, it is much more attractive and interesting that way. I hope you enjoyed your visit to this Cathedral, actually it is now a Basilica, where I was married 42 years ago and our son was also married there 13 years ago.. It is a lovely building filled with wonderful remembrances for me since both my grandaughter and I were baptized here. As a Sanjuanera, I appreciate your pictures all the more. Clara

Wilson Tsoi
"Catedral de San Juan" View of San Juan Cathedral through Old Town street. Leave it or flip it, what do you think?

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