Run awaaaaaay!

by Melanson Jody

run awaaaaaay seeking critique melanson jody

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Published: Wednesday 28th of June 2006 10:01:27 AM


Bob Bernardo - LA area disabled
7/7 Don't think my last comment didn't post - 3:30 AM may have something to do with it! Anyway I love this shot! Everything is perfect! Did he EAT your lens for lunch? Great shot and would love to see more.

Rafik Kamel
NIce capture, RK!

Biswajit Pandey
Jody Nice shot. Regards

Bolti Ankheen
So powerfull shot nicelt captured. Regards

Ruud Albers
6/6 Very nice action-shot Jody! Regards, Ruud.

Kate Hatton
Reminds me of our trip to Uganda acouple of years ago. We were on our way to the safari park and a little girl in our party was horribly sick in the back of the bus. We called to the driver to let us stop and clean her up and change her clothes, and he said "We can't stop here, we're in lion country and two men have been taken off their bicycles in the last two months"!!!!!!!!!! :0

Niklas Hallberg
Nice action shot. That is one huge cat.

Nora DeBoard
Run awaaaaay! Extremely powerful shot. You captured the expresion and emotion of this powerful animal very well. Extremely well captured action shot. The look on that lion's face is so intense. Glad I wasn't on the recieving end. YIKES!

Jody Melanson
Attack! This large male Lion was charging after a female to steal her food.

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