"Casa del Ayuntamiento"

by Tsoi Wilson

casa del ayuntamiento seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 27th of June 2006 11:37:18 PM


J Perez
Nice reflection, just wish that there was enough dof to include the lower left area. Cheers, J

Kim Slonaker
More subdued than your other reflection shots, but very nice, too. Reminds me more of an oil painting with this one.

Iren Nagy
Wilson Beautiful reflection. Congrats~ Iren

Mel Resnick
Wilson, your photographic vision continues to amaze me. I like the lower-left corner. For me the lack of focus helps provide a lower boundary for the eye and pushes the tower away from the center of the frame. Congratulations.

Kah Kit Yoong
Great reflection shot, the colours are strong. I have never been able to come up with one myself that I am pleased with. I do agree with Perez about the left lower quandrant, which looks quite messy. I think cropping the bottom off to a square format so that you lose the bulk of the ground tidies it up considerably.

Howard Dion
I like this but the area on the left bothers me a bit.

Linda Keagle
Wilson, a few questions.... Do you ever get strange looks as you take pictures of the street? Do you ever have people ask what you're photographing? Do they look to see what you are seeing? BTW I love love this one. The blues do it for me, and the comp is of course wonderful. Another 7/7

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Hi Wils! Sorry I haven't commented lately. I've been looking, but don't always feel like I have anything constructive to say. I love your reflection shots ... and this is no exception. Love the whites and yellows. Maybe I'll just look around and say, "love this" and "love that". :-) Hope you're well!

Wilson Tsoi
"Casa del Ayuntamiento" Old San Juan City Hall as seen through water puddle in front of Plaza de Armas.

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