A blind beggar on the streets of bucharest.

by Ursu Mihail

a blind beggar on the streets of bucharest seeking critique ursu mihail

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Published: Tuesday 27th of June 2006 08:36:07 AM


VĂ­tor Cid
Good "reflection".

Pauline Easter
Excellent photo-commentary. The irony of a blind beggar standing next to a huge billboard shwoing a scantally dressed model. I wonder if he knows it's there?

Pulok Pattanayak
Well seen; excellent street photography.

Pervaiz Saeed
excellent street photography.

yes-I agree-great street photography! regards, cb

Mihail Ursu
Thank you Thank you for your opinions and I am glad that you liked it.

Tom Appel
Dude, your eye for the irony of the ordinary is very sharp. What a great moment this image captures.

Mihail Ursu
thank you Glad you liked it :) yes...i do like the ironies of the modern world...it's so full of it...but at a certain point in time it begins to hurt and it all looks the same :) you might know what i am talking about...

Mihail Ursu
Streets of Bucharest... thank you for taking the time to look at the photo and (hopefully) comment on it.

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