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by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Friday 23rd of June 2006 03:34:40 PM


Fran Garcia
excellent John

Aurelien Le Duc
I like your worrk, John. But in this picture, the beautiful girl is a little bit in the middle, and the background is not as well used as usual. Table is disturbing attention. I would have cut at the near left af the model.

Tanya Truong
She has a sweet and exotic look, what a unique combination. I heard "flute" is hypnotized; when one sees it/hears it, one won't forget ;o). Warm regards. BTW, thanks for giving me tips on flash photography. That helps me a lot. Tanya.

Arthur Baas
Capturing the beauty of life

John Peri
Thank you Aurelien, I appreciate the comment. I left it in actually because I feel it gives the shot a more casual look. It is meant more as a moment caught than a glamour shot. I love the mystery of a figure moving around in a dark room ...

John Peri
The enchanted flute .. .

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