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Published: Thursday 15th of June 2006 06:01:22 PM


Doug Bowles
Steph, while I academically agree with your point I do not believe this to be anything other than a staged shot, expressly done for the purpose of shooting an original nude. If you looked at the other shots in the portfolio you'd likely agree. It is misposted (maybe intentionally) in the "weddings" category and should have gone in the "nudes" category.

Artur Cansino
Perhaps Not I think that if this shot was taken as a pure glam or erotic shot as its main theme with a fetish element thrown in...then its great. However if this in fact was a 'true bride'..then I would agree with Steph above.

Emily Anne Mcleod
Indeed it should have gone in the nudes category! Oh well, you get points for being the first erotic wedding shot I've ever seen.

John Lampo
: ) Very nice thinking there. Really thought provoking.

Doug Bowles
Ahem. Whew, is it hot in here? Very erotic, very original.

stephanie ldjs
Sorry to disagree, but I think you GUYS are all nuts. What if this was your wife-to-be who was posted on the world_wide_web? I wonder what the new mother-in-law thinks.

Valery Lemberg

Michael Meneklis
6/6 Very original and nice shot.regards Michael.

Martin Kovalik
last adventure by my style ;)

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