Some minutes before the game between Argentina and Ivory Coast

by Keller Alejandro

some minutes before the game between argentina and seeking critique keller alejandro

Gallery: Alexis, the dancer

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Published: Wednesday 14th of June 2006 11:05:29 AM


Sarah Underhill
great arms...

Cornel Stefanache
Great shot over here! Perfect timing to catch the waiting moment! 10+

Olivier M.
Good picture. It communicates tension.. maybe would've been more powerful without eye contact. I'm disturbed by the framing of the arm.

Alon Eshel
Hey Alejandro , I'm so happy you post photos again , welcome back .Great capture my friend . His expression is of one just lost a bet at the horse tracks :)

Alejandro Keller
Thank you both. Most appreciated. Jack, I was not hidding. But I wanted to post new images, and also decided to be more selective in what I upload. Like you did some time ago, I also need to clean my PF... hope it will be for something good. In any case, thanks for the welcome ;)

Marco Ruggiero
Great composition and an equally great framing. I like expression of spontaneity that you have catured,truly seems to reflect his personality. Felicidades, Marco

Jack McRitchie
Great catch, Alejandro. Where have you been hiding lately. You kind of disappeared for a while. I hope we'll see a lot more pictures from you soon. Regards, Jack

Alejandro Keller
Thanks my friends This image is part of a series about Alexis, who is my friend and an excellent dancer, that I want to present here. I always thought that he is a very interesting person both photographic as well as from the human point of view. But you will still have to wait a bit before I upload more images of him (I am leaving for the world cup in Germany tomorrow to see Mexico play!!!). Anyway, I hope you'll also like the images to come. Sarah, I am getting jealous here... well, I do a bit, but Alexis will be happy to know. Jack, thanks so much. I needed a pat in my back ;)... maybe I should not say it myself, but I agree with you about this image. In fact, I am going now to the dark room to (try to) make some prints. David, que gusto verte por aca, extra�aba a los amigos. Alon, thanks for the welcome. You know, Alexis is a very expresive person. That is the reason why I did not want him to pose in any of the images that I'll present here.

Jack McRitchie
Alejandro As for being more selective, it's not like you've been posting a lot of crap. Still, I understand the photos tend to mount up and burst their dikes after awhile and a certain amount of housekeeping is necessary. But, please, don't be so selective that you deprive us of the fruits of your creativity for so long. Regards, Jack ps: The more I see this picture, the more I like it. Good photos seem fresh even on repeated viewings.

David Cochran
Hola Alejandro. Great tones ad better story. His face says it all. paz

Sarah Underhill
I think this is a great idea, doing a series on a friend. And he does sound very interesting. You guys are having too much fun...Have a great time!

Alejandro Keller
Thanks Jim I have already scanned some of the images, but I'll give them a try at the traditional dark room before posting them. Dont know how much time that will take me, or how they will come out, please just wait for them. Always happy to have you here, Alejandro

Alejandro Keller
Thanks Mario and Olivier Sorry for getting back just now (I went to watch some games in Germany). Your comments are very welcome. Olivier, there was no real eye contact. If you watch carefully, you'll see that he was looking at something above my head (I guess) and not at the lens. This was not a posed portrait. He was aware of me taking the picture, it is difficult to hide with such a close portrait and a 25mm lens, but was not posing for me. Anyway, I dont think that the image would be better if he was looking somewhere else. The way it is now, you can see his face and therefore his expression. BTW, I am courious. Why does the arm disturbs you?

Alejandro Keller
Alexis, minutes before the match between Argentina and Ivory Coast Thanks for looking. All rates and comments are welcome.

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