"Outer Space"

by Tsoi Wilson

outer space seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 14th of June 2006 01:24:23 AM


Lou Ann Aepelbacher
I love what you did with this!! VERY cool effects, especially the lensflare. You're SO creative!! :-)

John Seward
Damn, I never would have suspected ;)

Linda Keagle
Wilson This is fantastic, futuristic, galactic...far out! I love what you did with it! 7/7

Howard Dion
I agree, I like the lens flare. I think it adds to the image. Pretty amazing things we human beings accomplish when we put our mind to work. I especially like the color of the sky, at night I presume?

David Cochran
Jaja Wilson....! I was going to say I did not like the lensflare effect but given that you were just having fun I accept it. I am glad you visited many places in Puerto Rico. For me, the observatory is a place of peregrinage. peace

cyrus K
Wison, You have gone ballistic man! What an imagination and what a fine transformation, love it. Cheers.

Hiroya Hamamoto
At first I thought "As a space photo, here is too much indirect light on subject" but I have to accept that common sense doesn't work in Outer Space. Admirable work! One thing amazing is that you have time to see such many movies...

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Really interesting image. I like the tones, cool! I have to disagree, I like the lens flares, they add the feel of being in a space craft & taking the image from in the craft. That reflective flare off the window glass :) Such amazing detail & depth in the radio-scope! What exactly "is" a radio-scope. I know what a "radio" is & I know what a "scope" is, but when you put the 2 together, I'm guessing :) I am assuming it has something to do with radio astronomy? Are they looking for radio waves received from somewhere outside the earth's atmosphere? Nice image!

David Cochran
Jayme, this is the " gregorian dome reflector " at the Arecibo Radio Observatory. You can check it out here, http://www.naic.edu/ peace

Julio Segura Carmona
6/6 Hermosa imagen, perfecta luz, bello encuadre, perfecta composicion, y un bello color, saludos cordiales Wilson.

Dave Whoami
That's cool. I just visited the place myself a month or so ago, took a days worth of snap shots, and never once was smart enough to consider trying for a shot against a sky full of stars. :( Radio telescope = radar telescope. A passive radar receiver. Very, very, sensitive that listens to the microwaves and turns it into images of the sky. No cell phones allowed anywhere nearby. A location remote enough so no one goes there by accident. Complete with a life saving hot dog stand on the observation deck. :)

Wilson Tsoi
"Outer Space," a view from Space Shuttle . . . Taken during a flight to International Space Station . . . not.

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