"1960's Playmate"

by Henrikson Mission

s playmate seeking critique henrikson mission

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Published: Monday 12th of June 2006 10:28:47 PM


Jonathan Charles
Ah - the good old days! You have definitely achieved the authentic 60s look, except that in the specific case of "Playmate" they used large format cameras and so no grain and incredible sharpness. Maybe it would be truer with a small "p"... Best wishes, Jonathan

Ramsey Kunkel
Nice contrast and texture. I like the center framing of the model

Jonathan Charles
Well congrats to Hank for doing the research - the large format stuff must have come later!

Hank Hanson
Lots of grain. I'm looking at at a 1968 Playboy and I see lots of grain and no "incredible sharpness" I think you nailed it!

Mission Henrikson
"1960's Playmate" Feedback is welcome

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