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by Soini Hannu

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Category: Nature

Published: Sunday 11th of June 2006 11:36:46 PM


Bob Brins
You've captured a wonderful moment. The opening flower, crling in the light. I very much like the brigth framing on the edges of the flower. The curling brightness helps to frame the center of the flower which is the focal point. If you have a mind to listen to some respectful suggestions, you might try rebalancing the light. The two bright curves at top and bottom could be brought down somewhat. The flower and the area just to the left of the image could be brightened slightly. But none of this should change the essential qualities of the image. Bob

Hannu Soini
. Thank you for the constructive critics..i think it was too much cropped..but looks better the way you suggest...and better compositon as well..thank you:)

Hannu Soini
Calla Calla opening...Comments are appreciated as always.

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