Mini-Monks with their Beggar Bowls in the recesses of a temple

by Downs Jim

mini monks with their beggar bowls in the recesses burma myanmar seeking critique downs jim

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Category: Journalism

Published: Friday 9th of June 2006 05:50:38 AM


Michael Meneklis
6/6 Very nice shot.Regards Michael.

Karl Schuler
This could be a great photo. The subject is interesting. The mood is strong. The colours match. But when seen in larger format, the detail quality is really lousy. The composition of the photo is also not convincing. The monks at the right side are somehow "fading out", light-wise and in size. One way would be to distort the photo to make them larger and to add light for them. Or to crop the photo after the fourth monk. What to do with the light: If the photo would be absolutely sharp the light would be enough. As it is not, it should have more light, but that would mean that the ugly details would be even more visible. So what to do? Go back and shoot again ,-). Karl

Jim Downs
Young monks in recesses of a Bagan temple Is the dark atmosphere a plus or minus? Thanks for thoughts.

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