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Published: Thursday 8th of June 2006 10:23:19 PM


Sarah Underhill
Excellent! I like everything about this....

Jonathon Wilson - Sydney Australia
This is where weddings and fashion meet, you should be proud of this. Nice lighting to get good separation between the dress and the dark ground. Good work with the sky exposure, and nice shadows on the chest and top of legs. Very well done.

Martin Kovalik
light by studio light 420Ws - accesories white umbrella and flaps photo made on the roof of my house Martin

Michael Meneklis
6/6 Very nice shot.Regards Michael.

Haleh Bryan
I am a fan of none traditional wedding images and this one truly is unique and wonderfully presented one.

Juan Carlos Bretschneider
By far, one of the best wedding photographs I've seen around. Congratulations

Nando Rodriguez
original this is great! Nice to know how you did it...thanks for sharing that info. This is VERY HIGH FASHION!! do you have more of this series to share?

Jesús Pizarro
6/7 Very original shot. a diferent view of married image. Regards.

Edwin Mendoza
Well done. How did you light it?

Martin Kovalik
I have in my profile 4 pictures.

Paul Indigo
Great original wedding shot.

James DeMoss
Truly Unique Most pics presented here are variations of that we all have seen over and over again.And I do not mean any disrespect to all of us challenged to present a "thought, emotion, a snap shot into one's life and continuinually present our work dissmised for reasons not worth mentioning. Martin, well done my friend. God has blessed you and these are the fruits of your rewards. Regards... - James

Alejandro Emilio Fernandez
7/7 Muy original y bella.

Orlin Bowman
Very nice --

Martin Kovalik
today thanks

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