"A Walk to Church"

by Tsoi Wilson

a walk to church seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 6th of June 2006 11:23:39 PM


Lou Ann Aepelbacher
I'm with JPerez in that I would rather see the image turned right side up ... even though that would render the people & church upside down. There's just something about seeing those cobble stones (top & bottom) hanging from the sky. :-)

J Perez
I understand your wanting to have the church looking upright in the photo but the upside-down cobblestones are a little disturbing. Maybe they should be cropped out. Otherwise a nicely captured picture. What do you think? Cheers, J

David McCracken
Reflection thing... You are pretty good at this reflection thing. Actually! You are pretty good at this photography thing. T/T

Howard Dion
I like this but I was thinking about the top portion, which is more than likely the bottom knowing you. Maybe too much density which draws the eye up and away from the central subject?

Julio Segura Carmona
6/6 Excelente imagen, bellos colores, magnifico encuadre, y bella composicion, con un excelente reflejo, un cordial saludo Wilson.

Kim Slonaker
Strong image; many interpretations could be placed on this composition. Interesting and well done, Wilson.

Joe Orsak
Man, you always do well with these kind of shots. Really interesting shot Wil. The bottom cobblestone does make me curious to see if it would be less distracting with a slightly tigher cropping. However, it also has the affect of making you stare at the picture longer. This could be a good thing.

Hanna V
heaven on earth :-) great photo!

Orlin Bowman
Like this alot - Thank you...

Iren Nagy
Wilson Another great shot. Very unique. Cheers~ Iren

Wilson Tsoi
"A Walk to Church" Couple friends walking to Catedral de San Juan (built in 1520.)

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