"Whose Eye Is It?"

by Tsoi Wilson

whose eye is it seeking critique tsoi wilson

Gallery: Animals & Wildlife

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Category: Macro

Published: Monday 5th of June 2006 10:32:20 PM


Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Excellent shot, Wils!! The color, lighting, and detail are exceptional!

Julio Segura Carmona
6/6 Excelente macro del reptil, perfecta luz, color y gran nitidez, saludos cordiales Wilson.

Ruud Albers
Very remarkable, Wilson!

Iren Nagy
It's the green eyed monster (jealousy, envy, etc.), is it not? LOL Okay, more likely from the iguana tribe. Great shot, Wilson. Greetings from Canada~ Iren

Laurent Lacoste
Incredible details and subtlety in the textures and colors. Awesome work on framing and DOF. Outstanding photograph!

Sondra Kicklighter
Thats a tough question Wilson, the iguana sounds good. Anyway I like this image as it does leave you thinking, good composition and wonderful details. Cheers, Sondra

serkan mutan
nice nice nice ....

Mindy Cocolan
Hi Is it a green iguana? Very nice!

Howard Dion
To me this is a photograph of "Really Complicated to Make".

emma ersek
Should be a cameleon. The frame is very interesting

Frank Melchior
Another self portrait? Great make up! Very cool indeed.

Linda Keagle
Why, Wilson! It is God's eye, of course! (and what a beauty!)

Richard Hans
Wilson, great close up to get unusual effect for terrific abstract, love the light, sharpness, nice colors & cropping!!! Best regards.

Kim Slonaker
Incredible color and detail, Wilson. I was drawn to the thumbnail immediately.

nghj wgfvh
thats great!!! id guess this is some sort of lizzard. there is only one question. i was doing such shots latly and had some problems. first find an animal and second get close to it. you can see a shot in my portfolio..i was about 2 to 3 meters away from it..the animal is quite small..and i used a 300mmlens (on a d1x) and here is my question.. is that in a zoo? and if not..how did you get so close to this thing? very great keep it up cheers

nghj wgfvh
how cool is that...the only animals i can get close to here are humans and cows..but thats not interesting..theyre quite similar to each other haha okay thats cool very nice colors there...is it possible that you can be seen inthe eye, i wonder. great picture...i like it..and i think ill visit the zoo :D bye

s k
just incredible offff, it is too good. whose eye is this and how did you do it? must describe it to students of photography.

Wilson Tsoi
"Whose Eye Is It?" Who am I? Can you guess?

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