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by Peri John

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Published: Monday 5th of June 2006 09:37:51 PM


Al Li
The master of light strikes again.... Beautifully done, she must love it.

John Peri
but I didn't; did I ...... ! David, my "lighting" more often than not is due to concidence and/or speculation. How could it be otherwise when I only use a flash! As for the cropping thing however, I will take the liberty of saying it once again. You don't like it in this picture, no problem that's just fine, but if anyone objects to it as a matter of principle, then your remark becomes debatable. I have always maintained that the impact that a photo may or may not have has nothing to do with missing limbs, fingers or hairlines and none of the professionals worry two hoots about such things ... but then you have heard this from me before ... no point in sending you off once again to look at Vogue, Harpers or PHOTO etc.,

John Peri
Nothing healthier than that ... but it sounds to me as if we agree here.

David McCracken
I too John, I too cut off limbs and digits but I like to think I balance the image.

I think we better agree to disagree.

John Peri
Alon, you are too kind. My shirt, her eyes and the hotel wall. Maybe by some divine configuration of chance, they all aligned that day .... :-)

David McCracken
Being honest... I too am a fan of your work! Having said that, I thought Alex Lee was the master of lighting. This seems to have been taken with available light. I am not against that... I am not against anything. I think you know me well enough. The fact that the top of her hair is cut off, is something I don't like. I do think that you would have 'got away with it' if you had cropped a touch of the right too. As I know your models read the comments I would like to point out she is wonderful, beautiful etc etc! However, I am giving my honest feelings about the photograph not the model. Keep the photos coming John!

Alon Eshel
A most beautiful portrait . I love the correlation between her eyes and shirt with the wall . Knowing your work , it's not a coincidence

Marty Brodell
Mr. Peri, I am a new member and only an amateur photographer. However I am a big fan of your work and this pic is just wonderful. The pose, the background and the expression are just great. I think for me the allure of this pic is her eyes. Wonderful stuff!! Please keep posting the "eye candy".-Marty Brodell

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Simply great eyes...........

Norbert Molnar
this is........superbe, her beautiful face and eyes ar way too charming. well done.

Inigo Lim
Nice color and composition, cropping is also good.

Allan Rothstein
Another fantastic John Peri rendition. The almost monotone colors of the shirt, wall and fabric bring out her beautiful eyes against the contrast of her hair. You know how much I enjoy your work. This model in particular is exquisite in her innocence and purity that you capture so well. I am coming to Paris just to learn from you! Best, Allan

Tammy V.
Favorite! Beautiful blues. -T

Thomas Collins
Mr. Peri, Can I join your fan club too? Is there an official club song and pledge that comes with membership? LOL! :-)

Tanya Truong
She is sweetly beautiful... and under your eyes of photography, she instantly becomes the most favorite "babe-to-adore" to anyone John. Her soft-hynotized gaze, her sensuous lips, her deep playful bleu eyes are definately captured to their upmost effects by the magic of your photography John. The slight showing of the breast is enticing. Love this shot (i can go on and on you know ;o)). With warmest regards, Tanya

John Peri
Mr Dunkerley ... all I ask in return is to meet just one of those gorgeous models that you photograph. I'm not greedy, just any one! .... Hy Thomas, I'm still waiting for you to come and visit in Paris. I'm sure that we will have lots to talk about. Have a wonderful summer, John.

Thomas Collins
John, That sounds like a reasonable trade. As soon as I settle into our new home, I'll let you know what our schedule looks like and perhaps I can pursuade one of my model friends to join us on our trip to Paris!

John Peri
Tanya ... ... you are so generous, thank you. I recommend to anyone that sees this to have a look at Tanya's work. She has an aspiring talent to photograph and she expresses herself with grace and sensitivity.

Alec Ee
John, her look is enchanting. You got it just right.

John Peri
Thanks Steve, but that is probably just a little carelesness in the final cropping, though I never give much importance to missing limbs and non straight horizons. They only rarely affect the impact of a photo.

Steve Urszenyi
The model is beautiful. She has alluring lips and eyes. The colours and tones are soft and gentle. The way her shirt flows open lends a suggestive but casual atmosphere to this photograph. It is wonderful. My one criticism is of the composition. You just missed being perfect. The flaw jumps out at the viewer--the top right portion of her head was unfortunately cut off. Still a visually pleasing shot (9/10) and a stunningly beautiful woman (12/10)!

John Peri
Portrait .

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