One Way Variation-Though there is obvious Photoshop trickery, can one spot the less obvious one(s)?

by Chepikian Paul

one way variation though there is obvious photosho seeking critique chepikian paul

Gallery: New York City - 2006

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Abstract

Published: Monday 5th of June 2006 09:04:39 AM


Giovanni S
I like the prospective, and the distant background. The photo is intriguing because you don't immediately understand what it's all about. At the same time the many things in it are not so disturbing. I suppose it's best viewed as large as possible.

Paul Chepikian
Thank you, Giovanni! You are correct in your assumption that this is best viewed large. There is much going on within the image. I will be having an exhibit in September and plan on having some images as big as 3 feet by 4 feet. If you've ever been to New York City, there is always lots going on! Once again, thank you for the comment.

B.C Okmen
a very interesting composition.congrats ps.thanks on your comment my friend :)

Nick Left
Paul, how much time did you spend demirroring all texts!? It does improve the picture in making only the form mirrored, the 'intellectual' part of the brain would otherwise be constantly disturbed by the mirrored text.

Paul Chepikian
Nick: I've actually gotten so good with Photoshop (If I may blow my own horn), that it doesn't take me as much time (anymore). I've been using Photoshop since it used to be called Image Studio and offered a whopping 256 levels of gray, no undoes, no layers, and if you scrolled off the image with the curser and a selection, the program would crash. I've learned, throught trial and error, many short cuts over the years. HOWEVER, it is still time consuming and often times frustrating but nonetheless extremely fun and rewarding. Thanks for noticing, thanks for appreciating and thanks for taking the time to comment.

Paul Chepikian
One Way Variation / New York City Mirror version of one of my previous posts. New York City. Comments always welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance...

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