Daily Ablutions

by Downs Jim

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Category: Street

Published: Monday 5th of June 2006 07:41:45 AM


Joe M
Hello! Nice picture! I like the colors, the spirit, and the composition. Well, here we are talking of personnal taste, but I will dare offer you my humble hypothesis about something that COULD be done. I think that in order to balance the masses in this composition, there should be some water under the low left child. His hand reaches the frame of the pic. The upper right child doesn't reach his side of the frame. This unbalance the comp a bit. I've edited the pic to show you my point. If for any reason you wish me to delete this comment, do not hesitate, I'll understand. PS: Your picture doesn't fit on a 1024X768 monitor. I'm not able to see it completely at once. It may be a good idea to shrink it a bit so it will fit on most standard computer screens. People will enjoy it more :) Best regards.

Jim Downs
Joe, I finally got around to incorporating your idea and I agree that it does significantly improve the image.

Jim Downs
Bathing in the Ayeyarwady River I'll especially appreciate any comments on the way this is composed.

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