Thrones - New York City

by Chepikian Paul

thrones new york city chepikian paul

Gallery: New York City - 2006

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Published: Sunday 4th of June 2006 09:36:38 AM


Nick Left
Great shot! I'll go with Kent on this one and would like to add that taking it from such a low standpoint was a very good choice.

Kent B
Yeah this one sings to me and see you can title well. I would have called this something clever, like three shoeshine chairs. So anyway, I don't know if you took this on your recent trip to NY but it looks like it could have been taken during Eisenhower administration. Perfect symmetry, and alignment. I'm a sucker for things old and green and this has about 1000 different hues of it. I also appreciate the lack of people and the focus on object here. Another beauty.

Paul Chepikian
Thanks, guys! Kent, It is from my recent NYC trip. I thought you would appreciate this: I shot this at sunrise (the shot with the building silhouettes) and the sun is rising directly behind this structure. Behind me is a rather tall light brick building. The sun is hitting the building and reflecting the soft light over my shoulder and on to the seats. You can sort of see the light reddish/pink soft, bounced light on the galvenized steel. I also thought it was interesting, and didn't notice till much later, that the seat on the right is missing the armrest. Nick: I did indeed make a conscious choice to get down low. The two wet spots on my knees were proof that morning when I unknowingly kneeled into puddles of water. Hmm, does any of this matter? Or, is is just a picture of a shoeshine stand :-) Once again, thanks for taking the time to comment.

j tavares
Fantástic Paul Chepikian Excelent composition i love this one too. rgds joao

Jack McRitchie
Hope you don't mind a much belated comment on this one. Not only is this a great composition but the story that it tells is priceless. Wonderful shot.

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