Shortsighted field

by Dupin Eric

shortsighted field seeking critique dupin eric

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Published: Saturday 3rd of June 2006 08:17:53 PM


Thomas Turk
The square tower in the background detracts from the superb wire. Maybe shooting from a higher camera posn, so that the wire is placed midway in the field, that losing the tower, would give a stricter composition.

sarah newton
Very good DOF. Detail is super.

Manas Gopujkar
Eric, Interesting photo... also interesting coincidence to see our similar photos ( w/strong horizontal subject) one below the other in gallery... anyway, what do you feel about positioning the barb wise such as to separate the tall trees and grass on either side of it?... just a thought!

Eric Dupin
Manas, Thank you very much for your comment ! And congratulations for your photosoph skills... Yes, it's another solution. Thomas, Well, I tried to put this "tower" on the strong spot of any picture (corner up-right). But, of course, it's only my opinion ! Thank for the suggestion.

Eric Dupin
Thank you for comment and rate You can imagine the landscape...

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