Village Schoolgirl in Burma

by Downs Jim

village schoolgirl in burma myanmar seeking critique downs jim

Gallery: Asia - Myanmar (Burma)

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Published: Friday 2nd of June 2006 09:28:50 PM


John Larson
Thank you. You have so many wonderful photos. I think this one is perfect, and I was curious about the face paint. And you answered my question before I had the chance to ask. So Thank you for sharing your photos and the information.

Joseph Eiche
Cultural Differences

I just started looking through your pictures and I love this portrait showing a cultural habit. Great portrait.

Jim Downs
Burmese Village Schoolgirl Most Burmese women and children, at least in the countryside, were this paste derived from a tree that serves as a combination sunscreen, beauty cosmetic and, I think, regional idenity. Comments appreciated.

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