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Gallery: New York City - 2006

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Published: Wednesday 31st of May 2006 09:44:37 AM


James Kazan
Excellent tonal qualities of the building with the light and shadow equal a fine capture in deed.


Mr G.Q
perfect scatti favolosi con luce meravigliosa perfect photo exellent

Paul Chepikian

Paul Chepikian
I struggled with that, kent. I sort of like it because it is almost the only real color in the shot. Almost offering "hope." And trust me, it's a few minutes in Photoshop and no one would ever know, uh, except me that is. It's funny, I feel as though if I crop the right side or the lower portion, it would take away from the overall image. I really like the lamp casting the shadow in the lower right and I don't want to lose it which means I can't crop the right side. If I crop the lower portin, I lose the trees and the little bit of light at the bottom. Arggghhhhh! And then it's a question of: If I do remove it in Photoshop, is it cheating? Thanks, Kent, I'll have to sit on this one for a while.

Kent B
I love the reflected light and shadows you caught. Another spot on composition. Not sure about the little hint of sign down in the lower right.

Paul Chepikian
Hi Seven: Thanks! I'll try and desaturate the red a bit and see how it looks. It sort of was that way in the initial shot in that the sun reflected off the window in the building across the street and shone on it like a spotlight. As you can see, some of it is in the shade but most of it is hit dead on by the reflection.

Seven Stuartson
I like the dappled light, Paul. The sign - in a way it grounds the image, I wonder how it would be if you reduced the brightness level & (red) saturation?

Paul Chepikian
Light Spots The morning sun in New York City bounces off windows in every direction. Comments welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance...

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