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Gallery: New York City - 2006

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Published: Wednesday 31st of May 2006 09:43:44 AM


Paul Chepikian
It is my absolute pleasure, Nick. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I am very pleased that an image of mine can bring back memories. I used to work in NYC and on this last trip, I felt so at home. I was out two whole nights just walking around shooting and then shooting the sunrise which is captured in this shot. I do like this one, it brings back the memory of that morning for me. It's a very special City and it has images at every turn. I was fortunate enough to be there and capture the moment. I can only imagine how amazing the Netherlands would be to photograph. Thanks once again for the kind words.

Nick Left
This picture makes me really miss New York and for me if a photo can move me that way it is a very good photo. I visited New York twice (it's a long way from The Netherlands) and the last time me and my brother arrived saturday evening and woke up sunday morning at 5 a.m because of the time difference. We where at the Twin Towers before 6 a.m. and walked the deserted downtown area for a few hours and it was wonderfull. This image brings back memories from that morning, thanks for that!

Laurent Lacoste
Dear Paul, this series about New York is truly wonderful. The way you captured the dance of light and shadows is beautiful . To me this is particularly visible on this photograph where they delicately and gracefully create motives enhancing the street and the walls of the building, without mentioning the great compositions in your whole series. P.S.: Paul, I would like to tell you how much I appreciated your very kind words on my portfolio, and how much I can relate to everything you said. Thank you so much, Kindest Regards, Laurent.

Paul Chepikian
The Corner Reflection Morning sun in New York City reflects on to everything. Comments welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance...

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