Blind leading the Blind - Street Shot 1975 by Lee Mclaughlin

by McLaughlin Lee

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Gallery: Street Freaks ~ Beautiful Chaos by Lee Mclaughlin

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Published: Wednesday 31st of May 2006 12:28:09 AM


Stephane Robichaud
I'm really not sure if I like this version more than the other. The fact that it is in pure B&W tend to hide a little the noise you had in the other version. This still remains an extremely good photo, not necessarily because of its aesthetics, but because of its content. Real street photography. Congratulation again on this nice catch.

Hugh Croft
Amor vincit omnia. Love conquers all. Very moving.

George Pentzikis
This is a great street capture.

Santosh Devdas

A.K. Sircar
A moving image and apt caption,Lee. Best regards.

Thierry Laflamme
A masterpiece... Your shot would deserves to be published in a photo-magazine. Brilliant work, Lee. 10/10 Regards from Toronto, Ontario.

John Crosley
Better than the other Sometimes it pays to return to your old captures. I almost always choose 'just one' capture of numerous to post, and wonder, if I had a critic nearby to second guess me, if I could make better choices. Perhaps if someone were near you when you posted the other, you might have posted this one first -- it's clearly (to me) the better capture. It benefits from the increased contrast which better demonstrates, nay, tells the story. I have a theory (better, practice) that I've developed over the time I've spent on -- if color is the essence of a photo or enhances it, then post it in color, and if it doesn't, post it in B&W, at least where the graphic or story-telling elements are strong enough to withstand 'classic treatment' as this capture does very well. I see greater detail in this capture (without taking the two side by side and from memory since I know the other capture well), and find that the other capture simply was weaker; a corollary is that this is far stronger, and all the moreso because it details something that few of us ever have seen, at least in my considerable experience I never have seen anything like this. It does remind one of the Brueghel painting: 'The Blind Leading the Blind' but without these two ending up in a ditch or however those medievel subjects ended up. See attachmemnt: Pieter Brueghell, famous Dutch medievel painter of 'everyday' scenes painted what was then (and now) a famous parable. Your photo piggybacks on the fame of that saying and the painting, but it has a worth all its own, because of the trust that is involved here -- the family connection -- the love that binds, and that separates it from all the others, including the imitations and followons of Brueghell's work (including the stark modernist statues in which the name is all that carries on the idea, the whole parable having been lost in 'modernism') In my view, this is timeless as a capture -- it captures the bond of family, love and trust. This version is something that well may endure as a classic. Treasure it, but ensure it gets wider distribution. John (Crosley)

Katja Faith
Simply magnificent! Katja(Faith) :)

Dan Mitchell
wonderful Previous writers have said much of what I might say, so I'll be brief. This is really an outstanding photo. It is fine in terms of form, etc., but it is great in terms of the human story and the layers of thought it evokes. One of the coolest photos I've seen here. Dan

Pnina Evental
Lee Just copy it from another place, my appreciation did not change. Simply outstanding piece of life. no words, and certainly not numbers... . Thanks for this my friend, did not see you for a ling time, pity. Pnina

Kah Kit Yoong
What a great shot. Just an outstanding street capture.

Jeff Moody
Amazing capture (some people have all the luck I guess). Great B&W (goes well with the timeless apeal of their clothing etc..) Good title, though could also be seen as him "controlling" his wife if you went with the "machismo" genre (though the blind-cane gives it away). Might actually get one of these myself (can't figure any other way to lower our credit card bills! :-) Oh, one more thing. might be nice to give ever so slight of a crop to the upper left. That little sliver of light color pulls the eye away some. Not a huge issue if you favor "as-is" shots though

Lee McLaughlin
Thanks for the amazing kindness I truly appreciate and enjoy the comments here. John, you are quite the articulate one. I am pleased ou see into the image and beyond just the surface--and can express something touching. Thanks for gracing my work. more stills:
-- Cheers Lee

Sophia Douma
Congratulation!!a truly amazing photo!! Regards. sophia.

Jul Man
This is a wonderful work! congrat! Juliana

Billy Syk.

robert hoyle
There are times when you have to be there, ready with a camera and it needs recording. It speaks yet it has a quietness. It creates a 1000 page novel about life, love and just about everything we know. This is one of those times.

Lee McLaughlin
thank you sooo much I am always humbled when I see courage and love - it takes courage to love sometimes.

Janis OKelley
What a beautiful love story. I agree with John...this shot needs more attention, get it out there somehow! Beautiful work! J

Lee McLaughlin
blind leading the blind vll this unbeleivable scene caught me by surprise. i jumped from a moving car to catch a couple frames. shot in san francisco, this is how i saw it happening. ..from the series: SHOT FROM THE HEART ~ Lee mcLaughlin xart

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