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Gallery: New York City - 2006

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Published: Sunday 28th of May 2006 07:12:02 AM


Kent B
I can just see you getting up at the crack of dawn, fumbling to find your gear in complete darkness, excited as a kid to head out and catch the golden morning light as seen here so beautifully.

Paul Chepikian
Kent: I thought you would appreciate the fact that I didn't get any sleep for two nights. I attended a convention, grabbed dinner, grabbed the camera and was out all night and caught the sunrise off the East River where I got the shots. Went right back to the Javits Convention Center that morning and repeated the scanario the following night. I was happy with the results and am getting caught up on sleep now whi;dsn aiszzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Paul Chepikian
Barge at Sunrise, New York City Sunrise, New York City. Comments welcome and appreciated.

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