Hawaiian Mist

by Barnes Craig

hawaiian mist seeking critique barnes craig

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Friday 26th of May 2006 02:15:24 AM


Al Li
I like this, will have to try something similar.

Ramsey Kunkel
like a painting...old world feel with the female of today.

David Meyer
Craig Very gracefully done. It has a nice painterly appearance, and the clouds are quite dramatic. The cloth adds considerably to the overall effect.

Alessio Buratta
foto molto ben costruita mi piace molto bravo!!!!!!! cordiale saluto alex italy........

Jenna Trostle
I love the hues in this photograph, but something about her proportions are very distracting... her head seems to big in relation to her feet.. I don't know if that distortion was what you were going for, but if it wasn't, maybe shoot from a different angle next time?

Craig Barnes
Hawaiian Mist I had a great response from the first image so I though I would sweeten the pot. I plan to add more images next week once I return to a normal life. Cheers.

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