by Kovalik Martin

untitled seeking critique kovalik martin

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Published: Thursday 18th of May 2006 06:03:14 PM


Stefano Vascotto
Very sensual shot,...and original..not porn..really WOW....

Kaushik Chatterjee
Martin, Artistic presentation.

If you want, have a look...

David Burness
its a fine line between art and porn but i think you are riding the line well, nice shot

CHris Andersen
Love it! I like the almost symmetrical composition, and I find myself trying to read her mind. If only I could. Nice work.

Javier Montero
Really nice photo, different approach to erotic photo. I think that the best of the photo is the eyes of the model.

Visions of La Pedriza

Phil Walters
Very original,i really like it. Good work, Phil

Rob Wray
Martin What an origional image. You have got a winner here! The image just oozes perfection. Great tones, compostion, DoF and Ahum! Appeal :)

Peter Bernik
7/7 Very erotic, I love it. Indeed you're riding a line, but this one is taken masterfully, so I never did think that it could be seen as porn. And I really like images that are near the line (not only erotic, also other type of photos).

Stalker Stalker

Vipul B
Her facial expression makes the shot. Well done.

Allen R
Interesting composition. Nice work.

Alex R.

Excellent and erotic portrait. Bravo.

Martin Kovalik
wow who?

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