by Kovalik Martin

untitled seeking critique kovalik martin

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Published: Thursday 18th of May 2006 03:00:22 PM


Peepeye Photography
YOu really nailed the D.O.F. on that honey/liquid.

Peter Bernik
7/7 Another perfect photo from you. Damn, you're good! DOF is just perfect, so is the tonality and non-desaturated stream of honey, it just works so well - in most of the cases (I mean with other photographers) it doesn't it just makes images cheap, some call it attetention who*eing.

Al Li
Sweet is right, this is perfectly done. Beautiful.

Vipul B
Excellent work.

Pete Andrews
Honey is a good thing! very good for you also...nice job...PJ.

Martin Kovalik
honey I like good light .... in honey ;)

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