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Published: Thursday 18th of May 2006 02:33:06 PM


Nathan Wood
Well Done! Hello Martin, This photograph, taken in the context of the folder where it appears, is evocative of the range of human experience. I appreciate the fact that photographs depicting sexual desire, such as this one, are accompanied by photos of weddings, pregnant women, children, families, and the aged -- not to mention your exploration of violence here. The collection is in fact an essay on human experience. Unlike many nudes, which are preoccupied with male desire, here both subjects -- the photographer/viewer and especially the woman -- exhibit desire. The juxtapositioning of this image with the rest of the portfolio creates much greater meaning than is ordinarily apparent in more typical folders of nudes that fetishize parts of women (including your own nudes folder, to be honest), or showcase the beauty of the female form. I do not mean to impugn other nudes on photo.net (yours included, again!) in this description, but merely to say that I derived much greater meaning and enjoyment from this photograph here. Thank you and keep up the good work! Nathan

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