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Published: Thursday 18th of May 2006 12:44:32 PM


Dexter Dee Dee
Nice done, I like the idea and the background. DDD

Martin Kovalik
JAROSLAVE :) To Jaroslav: PODVAZKY to je mazec - schvaluju - posilam darek http://www.fotoaparat.cz/index.php?r=25&rp=312137&gal=photo

Beng J.
"Don't do that at home !" - a funny shot, good idea, beautifully done.

Jaroslav Voller
ty vole Kovaliku, tohle je nebezpecna fotka na koukani pro cloveka, kterej ma uchylku
na podvazky a zdravotni sestricky:D

Very exciting shot. Background is a bit distracting, imho.

Peter Velter
Your nurse is about to inject an empty syringe and your patient is holding her hand in front of the needle? Duh?? Or was this shot only about showing a pretty derriere.

Martin Kovalik
sisters in act

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