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Published: Thursday 18th of May 2006 12:39:41 PM


Dan Stefan
Well done Very nice b&w tones , also balance light/shadow and special light . Congratulations 7-6

Judson Rhodes
May I refer you... to Jerry Hamilton's nude male in the postings above. It's so very interesting to note how the commentary varies between his image and this one. I suggest you go check it out and then think about the responses.

Jack P. K.
Perfect light. Skin texture is amazing.

Nicola Bakhta
sorry to low rates, this is amazing, very strong pic, very good

Ann Lavaerts
To Judson I couldn't agree more...
It is bizar to read all these comments and
then again the comments on male nudes
My pictures from male nude may not be so good(I'm still learning)
but the comments are not on the picture but on the male nude subject.
I do like female nude ... and I do like male nude.
for me there is beauty in both of them
You just have to see it.
Greetings, Ann

Frank P
Interesting AND beautiful photo. Although it has IMO a high 'in your face' degree, the tones, the tecture, the composition, all add to its beauty.

Ernie Van Hemert
I like the texture and the lighting. Great work!

Al Li
I really like the subtle yet sharp lighting ad detail on this.

Lawphoto Inc
male nudes Great images congratulations. This is a very strong snd beautiful image to me, no matter it displays directly the models genitals. The above comments about the not objective comments or ratings in male nude images is totally true. You can check my portfolio and see what i mean. Best regards and congratulations for your amazing images.

Bodyline Photos
Excellent image, I like the sharp detail and the many [atterns and textures that abound in the photo. nice Work

nom nom
GREAT WORK CONGRATS! perfectly executed, lighting, texture, even pose( as other might find it offensive. This form of art is rare and rarely appreciated. Im glad to see good comments on something that is so scarce. This nude in particular deserves a 7/7 just because it doesnt bother my eyes as other nudes do.BRAVO, Good Job, I wanna see some more !

Antonio F
great light nice angle

Martin Kovalik
golden .... style of Victory

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