by Chepikian Paul

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Gallery: China

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Published: Thursday 18th of May 2006 07:24:14 AM


Markos George Hionos
simple forms of life , and yet a whole story in front and behind the door -wall..beautiful original colors ...cheers Markos .

Lionel Dupre
Stunning image, Paul ! Incredible how a "messy" place beholds that much beauty.

Paul Chepikian
Thanks, Michael: Actually, it was extremely tempting to want to go beyond some of these doors. China was a fascinating place. Many of these doors were so small. Not only were they not wide, but they were not very high either. I swear that some of them would have presented problems for me to pass through. In addition, the stairwells offered much less room for one to step on. We are all members of the human race and yet some of us are small, some large, but nonetheless, we are all neighbors. Once again, thanks for the kind words.

Michael Comerford
7/7 Brilliant I just love the textures on this image. There is a huge story in this picture that makes you want to find out more. The partly open door is tantalising and frustrating at the same time - just what is there behind the door that needs to be seen ? Well seen, good scene, and perfectly composed. Well done !

Paul Chepikian
Well Worn Door At every turn, there is something to photograph that has been around for a long time. That is China. Comments welcome...

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