The Glow of Duomo

by Tsoi Wilson

the glow of duomo tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 22nd of November 2001 03:09:22 AM


Ray Gapinski
Softar adds a special touch I stumbled onto this image more than a year ago, and was very impressed by it. I'm so glad that i've "found" it again, and am able to give you an "AttaBoy" for your efforts ! I myself like to take shots such as this... only i've never even *considered* using a soft-focus filter in these circumstances. But i will certainly be giving it a try in the future ! Gives the photograph a dream-like, "unreal" feeling, and sure adds a special touch. Thank you for sharing this lovely photo with us.

nick kessler
you are bad ass, this is great!

Rob Bonow
Fabulous shot! I love the effect of the light coming through the stained glass. Wonderful, and very original. I have to say, however, that it's rather creepy that, as of my viewing, this image of a cathedral has had 666 viewings. :)

Wilson Tsoi
My Hair is Raising!!! Thanks for the comment, but you really gave me goosebumps all over!!! I hope someone else will view it soon to get rid of the triple-6!

Abigail Gossage
Definitely creepy!

Heller Harris
Why would you want to? It's beautiful like this.


Cynthia Jean
Wilson Oh how I love your work. This image is just beautiful!

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