Night Express through Mannheim

by Tsoi Wilson

night express through mannheim tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 22nd of November 2001 03:04:33 AM


J. Harrington USA Massachusetts
Aesthetics 8, Originality 8 You have an eye for color and composition.

Ken Thalheimer
I really like the pattern of the tracks and the motion of the train

nick kessler
i love this. well done. and your right, a lot of things are more important than the minor sharpness difference in a 500 dollar zoom compared to a 300 dollar prime. and you prove this quite well.

Eric Zimmerman
It reminds me of a silver snake zooming through the station. I think it's the gleaming rails on the empty tracks which really make the image work. Really stunning.

nick kessler
yeah, i love it, again, thanks.

nick kessler
wallpaper my new wallpaper on my pc not my walls.... i hope you dont mind wilson, if you do let me know.

Wilson Tsoi
Hi Nick. No problem, since you asked. By the way, your rock band photos are very dynamic!

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