Sunset departure.

by Sobering Geoff

sunset departure seeking critique sobering geoff

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Published: Tuesday 16th of May 2006 07:51:42 PM


Casey A
Nice photo, although I can't fairly rate it because I'm a sucker for aviation photography. Great idea to photograph this same spot under different seasons and weather conditions. It looks like you chose a good vantage point. Good luck, and I look forward to seeing some follow-up shots!

Dan Goldman
nice warm color to this, i like it.

Geoff Sobering
Pastoral plane. This is really the first photo of an evolving "work in progress". A runway at my local small airport lines up with the sunset during the spring and fall. My hope is to visit regularly and capture a series of photos under different weather conditions and seasons. This particular photo was taken on a not very spectacular evening while I was scouting one shooting location looking west, but it turned out surprisingly well. I would be grateful for comments on this photo, but also suggestions for other treatments of the subject.

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