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by Peri John

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Gallery: Nude Figure Studies

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Published: Sunday 14th of May 2006 05:06:35 PM


John Peri
Kaushik, many thanks, Robert also. The last few postings have all been different models. What I have been doing more recently though is to ask them to tense their bodies when I am doing figure studies ...

Mike H (Melbourne Australia)
John, I love this shot...how was it lit? M

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Excellet figure work. Like the croping very much. Great aesthetics. Wonderful work.

Robert Farnham
John, now you're talking my language. This is lovely. I'm studying different figure abstracts you could make from this one photo. I can see at least 4 other complete photos within this one.
Your model is exemplary, of course. Stunning muscle tone. I'd love to photograph her.
Best regards,

Robert Farnham
My best figure shoots have ended with the model very muscle-tired. One complained of a sore butt for two days afterwards!

John Peri
Flash attached to the camera bounced off the wall.

Mike Burke
nice work John, Very nice work. I've been away from the camera for a bit with personal issues but this is exactly the type of human form shots I've been hoping to put together. As always your work is outstanding the simple lighting is perfect. Mike

Bill Rogers
Marvelous Wonderful posing, composition, and lighting. -- Bill

Jody Frost
Love these angles! Hello John Dah-link! Yes I vanished there for awhile ... I'm like that you know... now you see me, now you don't! Haven't been doing much other than a little travel photog lately.. to busy making a living. But I hope to be doing more figure work again soon (not mine mind you, at 50 it's just becoming too laborious to make my skin fit right and look good no matter how facile I am with photoshop! lol!) I see your vision continues to just get sharper. Keep it up.. so to speak ((;-0)) MS Jody

John Peri
Thank you Adrian, I'm glad you like this one, but there is no obligation to like any of my work. What is intolerable is when people are gratuitously rude about the model, the author or his intentions. It is particularly hurtful when people bring up the subject of porn. This concerns the models after all and they follow these postings. Otherwise, criticising a photo is what it is all about .. thanks for passing by again. Incidentally, I recently cited a quotation from Madeleine Albright's book that I am reading: http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=6156400

Adrian Lowe
Whoa....! I made some comments about another of your photgraphs recently, which may have struck a nerve. By comparison, THIS image is an absolute stunner, hence the "Whoa" . This is well seen, and confidently executed. A stunning abstract nude "study", breathtaking in its simple complexity. I love it. Ade.

John Peri
Gros exageration, but nice to read, ha ha .. thanks Solomon ..

Solomon Adams
hat's off my hat's off to the genius behind this awesome pic.

Vittorio Pellazza
Damn, I losed this image. A real masterpiece of shadows and lights not to mention the discover of curves, always without losing the ral body (this one is one of your particularity). Well done John! 7/7 (better late than never :)

Martha Cabey
Great pose of model. Well seen.

Tammy V.
Wow! How in the world did I miss this treasure? Strong and beautiful. You are so talented, John...truly inspiring. Thank you and your lovely model. :)

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan A splendid composition.

John Peri
A continuing study in form .

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