ZD 563

by Peri John

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Saturday 13th of May 2006 12:13:40 PM


John Peri
I posted a variation on this some while back. I like playing around with graphic images, but I don't feel that they are always very popular on PN, as witnessed by severzal of the below average ratings that appeared almost instantly .. :-)

Dominick Clos
Don't worry with the low ratings... It's nothing... I like your compo and your colors. The only thing that bother me is that we see some "sun rays" on the body... Don't you thing it will be better to soften it with PS??? Good job!

John Peri
The model ... it's one of her favourites.

Anthony J Deffina
I think this looks very cool! No doubt the light rays are distracting though. Ignor the ratings, you and many others are doing some great things with graphics. There is no reason that any artist should not use whatever tool in thier bag that allows them to express themselves. By the way, you say that you basically shoot the "Girl next Door", WHERE THE HELL DO YOU LIVE?!!!CHEERS!

Christian Testanière
Excellent composistion and superb colors.

Stephen Merchant
Actually I like it. Great colors.. What did the model think of it? Stephen

John Peri
Anthony, I don't mind the ratings at all. Any rating helps to push up a photo in visiblity, and I am delighted. As for the young ladies, I keep saying this, there are beautiful girls simply everywhere ... not like Tammy of course, but oh well .....

Stephen H
I don't know but what it wouldn't be about as good without the "real" girl, just the three images there.

Rich A.
ZD 563 Excellent work. I'm always looking forward to your next digital creation. I can honestly say I know what motivates you to do them.

John Peri
Three muses .

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