ZD 557

by Peri John

zd seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Street photography ... or faces in the crowd

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Fashion

Published: Friday 12th of May 2006 01:30:13 PM


John Peri
I better say this before too many people fall in love .... she's made of PLASTIC .... she never answered when I asked if I could take her picture ... come to think of it though, what if I'm wrong .. !

Alon Eshel
Nice composition , I love the fact she glows in compare to the other women and surrounding

John Peri
She fooled me too ... I almost asked her to pose for me .. :-)

Anca Cernoschi
she fooled me, i thought she's real :))

John Peri
Waiting to be served ... .. just testing people's sense of observation ... and possibly humour too ...

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