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by Peri John

zd seeking critique peri john

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Published: Tuesday 9th of May 2006 04:51:58 PM


John Peri
she looked at me intensely .. Thank you Tammy. Life is so often composed of meaningless and yet unforgetable little moments such as these .... for just a few seconds we connected, never before and never to be again .. but during those brief instances people know each other for a lifetime ...

John Peri
I saw this beautiful young lady in a cafe the other day .. I lifted my camera and looked at her enquiringly .. and she smiled ... needless to say it made my day ..

Ferdinando Mondino
Beautiful image.

Tammy V.
Love the moment.

John Peri
Well George, you must be right, because I took the photo in Glyfada, but I had no idea who she was of course!

George Economou
Hello John, very good, now she is the most famous young model. http://tzoulia.skyblog.com/index.html

emmanuel mitzalis
This photo must be taken in Greece as she is a famous model, usually on TV and Magazines. maikm@otenet.gr I really like your work John

John Peri
Well, I didn't know that. I just photographed a pretty girl in a cafe in Glyfada that smiled at me .. I hope that she does not object to her photo being here .. it is quite flaterring to her sweet nature ...

Nicky kamajaya
very beautiful girl, love the expression... so natural..

John Peri
Precious moments .. .. never to be repeated

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