White Background/Scott Robbins

by Chepikian Paul

white backgroundscott robbins seeking critique chepikian paul

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Tags: seeking critique

Category: Portrait

Published: Tuesday 2nd of May 2006 08:26:48 AM


Laurent Jaussi
Original ...very nice...it's difficult to be original in portrait....it is...congrats

Paul Louis Villani
Great work, I like it a lot!

Pnina Evental
Nice High K portrait. well done.

Paul Chepikian
Face I guess this can also be under the abstract category. The back story of this image is that it is obviously a highly stylized image. This was one of our actors who was portraying a man during his last days of battling cancer. On this day, we shaved his head for real to represent the chemo taking its toll. It's from a film by my friend Jason Smith titled "The Eyes of Scott Robbins." Someday I will also post the "actual" as is image.

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