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Published: Monday 1st of May 2006 12:03:43 AM


Paul Chepikian
Thanks, Marco! I forgot the details. This is just something I wanted to share. This is Uncle Nook in the middle, my wife Terry on the left and Susan, her cousin on the right. He is a most amazing man. You should see the pictures of him in his military uniform during WWII, he was a hunk! He was in heaven when this picture was being taken (as you can see)!

Marco Ruggiero
A great deal captured on this image, kindness, affection, family, but most important love. Great shot.

Paul Chepikian
Just a footnote to this photo. Uncle Nook (pictured) passed away in May 2007. He will be missed.

Paul Chepikian
Uncle Nook Uncle Nook is gone now but on that day, his two nieces made his day when they planted a double kiss on both cheeks. Cheers, Uncle Nook!

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