ZD 517

by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Sunday 30th of April 2006 05:46:06 PM


Robie Kulokivi
Wireworks... ...from Hong-Kong. I suspect the stunt co-ordinator is from some of the bigger productions. Somehow Riverdance flashes before my eyes...on the other hand it could be Monty Python and the Ministry of Funny Walks.... This is a refreshing, excellent photograph (showing the side effects of too much coffee in the morning)

Steffen Drache
How strange is that... I like it!

Alec Ee
Looks very elegant John. Nice exploration of new techniques. How nice to wake up with such a lovely lass.

Richard Deng
Looks like something from a fashion shoot. Wonderfully fresh.

John Peri
Thanks Robbie, but it's much more boring than that. It's just one girl that accepted to jump for me while I took her photo. The trick that needs some practice however is to make the change of clothes before she lands again ....

Fire Bird
This is quite unique :) I like it very much :)

John Peri
.. and then down to earth again .. merci !

Howard Dion
Timing is everything. Two women that can defy gravity, amazing!

Al Li
Exceptional !!!!!

John Peri
..... and the scene before first coffee ....all simulated of course ...... !

Peter Meade
coffee has the same effect on me too!!! P

John Peri
Morning awakening .. .

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