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Published: Saturday 29th of April 2006 07:21:43 AM


Kent B
Smart man not to post this for ratings but I have to tell you this style and subject is one I am very fond of and appreciate the beauty of color, shape and space. I think that yellow (carlot like?) flag dissecting the rooftop objects against the blue sky is excellent. Not everyone would take this and even fewer would post this therefore you are my hero but only for today.

Paul Chepikian
Thanks, Kent! Better being a hero for a day than never being a hero at all :-) Thanks for the kind words. This is a personal favorite. One of those images that some will get and some won't. It's not a pretty flower or a sunset and therefore may not appeal to most. As far as the rating thing goes, I realize that the comments take more of a commitment on the part of the viewer. Most who are sincere will usually take the time to comment.

Paul Chepikian
Yellow Triangles Rate if you must but some comments would be welcome and appreciated.

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