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by Peri John

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Published: Friday 28th of April 2006 12:58:52 PM


Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Exceptionally good... lovely smile of the model. Great contrast and depth. Its always a joy to see your work. rgds.

Gary Wilson
John, Beautiful woman, beautiful job capturing a sweet natural smile. You have a great talent for relaxing your models. Small critique, her right had position is not as good as it could be. A question, you say you use only on camera flash, but you have remarkably good light in your work. It does not look like just on camera flash. Can you talk a little more about your technique. Thanks for sharing your work, and thank your beautiful models for all the hard work they put in and for their kindness to share them.

John Peri
Thanks Gary. As you say, the hand is probably not perfectly positioned, but then I do not really pose my models so much as to follow them around and though I will move a foot or something sometimes, I don't otherwise interfere very much. I think that it frees them to be a little more natural. As two or three members of PN that have posed for me already know, I never cease to complain about the lighting and the behaviour of my flash! Sometimes it's ok, other times not. Maybe I only post the pictures that have turned out ok, but I still only use a flash attached to the camera and do not possess any other lighting. In this particular case, I had a window in front of the subject, but I pulled the store down as the neighbour was on her balcony opposite and had noticed us. Finally, I do thank the girls all the time. I think they understand that the purpose is not so much to make them look glamorous as to show them as they really are, away from others peoples' expectations. There is no recipy for taking good glamour pictures and alike others I sometimes succeed and others not, but I think that the basic ingredients are a non aggressive approach, a non invasive flash (I bounce mine), some music and some good wine. Unfortunately, I was not at home, and the last two were missing on this occasion. But we had a lot of laughs and that definitely helps. Other than Jim Adams who has self proclaimed fame in this area, I must be the clumsiest photographer on this planet, which I think makes them laugh too !

Detlef Klahm
her sweetness overshadows the sensuality of this shot. lovely !

Very nice smile Excellent Shot!

Genial, sensual and sexy just imaging. Congratulations!!

John Peri
Portrait .

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