Eyes not working yet but stomach is growling!

by Downs Jim

eyes not working yet but stomach is growling baby robin seeking critique downs jim

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Published: Friday 28th of April 2006 02:43:38 AM


Jim Downs
Wade, Thanks for your comment. I have an earlier post of all four of the babies that were part of this brood. It explains the circumstances under which the photo was taken. This photo was cropped about 40% but I think that shooting thru a debris stained window contributes to most of the problems. I later tried to put a ladder up outside the house but everytime I got to the top of the ladder, the mother would start doing fly-by in front of my face and then peck with her beak on the back of my head! http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=4034590

Shawn Shawhan
Jim, the ladder is a good idea but try this approach: Send your best friend with your worst camera up the ladder to take the picture. That photograph won't matter, but yours will, because you'll be capturing images of the mother bird attacking the photographer at the top of the ladder.

It's been said that I am diabolical but I think of it as being creative! 8~)#

Anthony Robertson
Great picture! Captures the fraility of life.

K. Basu
An amazing shot! Guess this was shot under very difficult circumstances.

Jim Downs
Baby Robbin Awaiting First Feeding Thanks for comments

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