Pretty in Pink

by Downs Jim

pretty in pink seeking critique downs jim

Gallery: N. America - USA - Texas Hill Country

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Flower

Published: Tuesday 25th of April 2006 11:06:36 PM


Laurent Lacoste
It depends on what you wanted to achieve, Jim? This looks perfect to me. I like the blurred effect produced by relatively shallow DOF. I think you were right, it may not have been better with smaller aperture and sharpness from foreground to background. Congratulations, Laurent.

Nathan Ross
Yes, Jim, I'm not sure either. Perhaps try having the focus area at different planes within the scene to see which works best, or perhaps including some of the surrounding elements. I'm not sure, though. This is a fine photo as it is.

Marlene Lundmark
Hi I like Your idea. But i think I would hav had a bit lower camera angle and mayby get focus on a couple in front to get more depth./ Marlene

Jim Downs
Thanks I appreciate your taking the time to comment!

Jim Downs
Settings Question I shot this @ 1/400 sec, 4.0 f-stop, and ISO 64.I would appreciate comments on what settings I should have used to achieve better results.

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