ZD 471

by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Fashion

Published: Sunday 23rd of April 2006 02:47:27 PM


jim bonnici
wonderful wonderful image!!!! great contrast and skin tones! 7/6

C. Daunis
Beautiful tonal range. Gorgeous pose and composition.

John Peri
Vi .... celui qui a peur de souffrir souffre deja de ce dont il a peur: Pascal

Andre Easter
Very nice composition

Vi P
c'est vrai. je vois ce que tu voudrais dire... mais, j'ai besoin du temps... tout viendra avec du temps.

Will King
I agree. Tonal range is superb and just the right amount of contrast. Is this digital or film?

John Peri
This is digital, shot with my Nikon D70 and a zoom lens.

Will King
John, would you be nice enogh to share your B&W conversion and post processing steps to achieve this. It's absolutely perfect. I wold love to be able to get results like this.

John Peri
I will write to you Will.

Vi P
This is just unbelievably beautiful... John! Chapeau!! :) my god, if only I met her!! ;) I would definitely offer her a photosession (even though I am very shy and can never overcome the fear of rejection, when I see intereting people...) Unique.

Bodyline Photos
stunning A beautiful image, the tones and contrast IMHO perfect. The horizontal window bar is to me a disraction however as is the lamp back right.

John Peri
Ha .. the Profumo affair ...! No, not reallly, but I see the resemblance. She was quite a girl ... gorgeous actually !

David Noble
Hello John By any chance, was the famous shot of Christine Keeler your inspiration for this one? Nice work, by the way.

John Peri
Chair and subject A study in form ..

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