ZD 461

by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Fashion

Published: Saturday 22nd of April 2006 09:31:44 AM


Damian Muszkiet
I like the light...I like framing...I like thee point of view...I very like this photograph! Best regards dear J.Peri (: ...Give my compliments to your model ;)

Bob Kurt
Superb !

David Vorland
I vote for your original crop, John, since to leave it, to my eye, over emphasizes the effect of the short focal length. Very nice take on a pose many of us try with limited success.

Alon Eshel
Beautiful photo . I would prefer the hand at the top wouldn't be cropped . The top of the photo is a bit tight

John Peri
Thanks David, I guess you are both right. I just wanted to zoom in on that expressive face .. (in fact the knee is also there in the original frame, unlike in the second posting above, I'm quick and careless ..!).

John Peri
Thanks Alon. Actually, I kept the hand in the original. I'll decide which looks better in the final print ....

John Peri
Triangles continued .. Natalia in nostalgic mood ...

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